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    Ladies And Gentleman - Meet Your New Congress.

    Darrell Issa To Lead Obama Investigations: Suspected Arson, Car Theft, Weapons Charges! Wait! That Is Issa's Past!

    Darrell Issa, Multi-Millionaire Congressman Is Not Mr. Clean!

    Darrell Issa, Republican Congressman from California, who has a checkered past, with multiple arrests for auto theft and weapons charges, was also suspected of arson for a fire that destroyed one of the buildings he owned. Now, the man who sobbed for television cameras when his party backed Arnold for governor of California instead of him, is planning to spend the next two years
    of his Congressional life investigating the Obama administration, but this time he will be using taxpayer money to pursue Obama.

    When Issa became the Republican hatchet man who was almost solely responsible for the recall of California's Governor Gray Davis in 2003, he had to use his own money. At that time, Issa donated almost 2 million dollars to the recall effort because he had plans to be crowned the new and improved governor of California. Issa's ambitions to govern the state in which he was, years earlier, indicted along with his brother for auto theft, never came to fruition because the Republican party pulled the rug out from under Issa and his dreams of power. He sobbed openly when withdrawing
    his name as the chosen one. His party had betrayed him, so now when the new Congress convenes in January, Issa will try again to make a name for himself with his party. He has stated that he plans to hold at least seven hearings a week as head of the House Committee on Oversight and Reform.

    Just who is Darrell Issa and what is his past? First, Issa's history with auto theft charges: In 1971, Issa reportedly took a Dodge sedan from an Army post where he was stationed near Pittsburgh. There were no charges filed in that case, but the story was leaked to the press by a retired Army sergeant, who says he threatened Issa and then was able to retrieve the car. As a college student in 1972, Issa and his brother were arrested in Cleveland, suspected of stealing a red Maserati from a dealership. The witnesses recognized Darrell and his brother, William as they pushed the Maserati down the street. The third incident took place in San Jose, California. In 1980, Issa, then 27 years old, and his brother William, 29, were again arrested and this time indicted on felony auto theft charges. William Issa, using his brother's second driver's license, sold younger Darrell's cherry red Mercedes to a dealer for $16,000.00. Three hours after William received and cashed the check, Darrell reported the car stolen. The police also charged Darrell because his answers to questions were inconsistent. Why did he have two driver's licenses? Initially, Issa denied having two driver's licenses, but then changed his story. Simple, responded Issa. He did not like the way his picture came out in the first one. As to whether Darrell knew the identity of the man pictured in the composite drawing of the suspect (his brother), Issa stated he did not know who the man was, but would like to send the picture to his mother to see if she knew who it was. According to detectives, the composite was so detailed that it was clearly a composite of William. That answer and answers to other questions created so much doubt in the minds of the police officers involved, they arrested and charged both brothers, even though Darrell reportedly offered to pay the auto dealer more than the $16,000.00 that William was paid.

    Suspicious Fire and the Weapons Charges!

    In 1982, Issa was suspected, but never charged in a suspicious fire that burned his Ohio manufacturing plant. Although there was insufficient evidence to prosecute Issa, the police suspected he was behind the fire based on two facts. Just a few weeks prior to the fire, Issa increased the fire insurance coverage to quadruple the original amount and according to the company bookkeeper, Karen Brasdovich, a few days before the fire, records and a company computer were removed from the plant, which was completely out of character for Issa. Charges were not filed due to lack of evidence, but the suspicions remain.

    Issa was arrested twice for weapons charges, once in Ohio and once in Michigan. While Issa was
    in Ohio, he was given the job of firing a high level executive, Jack Frantz. Frantz recalls that Issa came into his office carrying a box. Issa opened the box and showed Frantz the gun. Frantz knew
    he was being fired and felt that was Issa's method of intimidating him. Frantz relayed the story to
    the Los Angeles Times and in response, Issa told the reporter, "No shots were ever fired." He further stated that he doesn't even remember whether he had a gun that day. The bookkeeper backed up Frantz's story, telling the LA Times that day was frightening. In the Michigan case, Issa received probation and paid a fine.

    Issa Becomes A Multi-Millionaire Selling Car Alarms! Isn't It Ironic?

    Darrell Issa made his millions by developing and selling car alarms, including the top-selling Viper. Issa's own voice was used for the Viper, which would say things like, "Step away from the car." He has stated that he started the company because his brother was a prolific car thief.
    The company, Directed Electronics, is responsible for Issa's listed worth of $303 million dollars (reported by CNBC in November of 2010). He was listed in 2009 as the second wealthiest member of Congress, with only John Kerry being worth more money. In November of 2010, CNBC reported that Darrell Issa is the richest member of Congress, surpassing John Kerry.

    Issa Just A Kid When He Was In Trouble!

    Whenever Congressman Issa is pressed by reporters to explain past arrests and scandals, he has almost always bristled and brushed off the questions. He has repeatedly stated that he was "just a kid" or that it "was my brother." He additionally states that these things happened so long ago that he really doesn't remember the details.

    In 1980, when Issa was indicted for felony auto theft, he was 27 years old. In 1982, when he was under suspicion for the arson fire, he was 29 years old. Just a kid? Too long ago to remember?
    Issa's motivations for making his most recent threats of non-stop subpoenas are unknown. When he attacked Gray Davis, he wanted the Governorship of California to be his prize. Many stated at the time that Issa had a longer history of arrests than of service to the state of California. Outside the state of California, Issa is a relative nobody. Clearly, he will be making a national name for himself in his soon to be position of power. If he conducts seven hearings a week as promised, his name should make almost every daily news cycle. What reward will Issa expect this time? If his efforts go unrewarded over the next two years, will there be a national update to his infamous California crying scene? California is holding its collective breath, waiting to see the latest chapter of the Issa saga!


    The wealthiest member of congress. He wants to investigate EVERYTHING. Maybe he should start with...HIMSELF! Repuke hypocrite! Soooo easy to find these examples. Let the excuses begin!

    1/31 UPDATE: See additional article about this jerk on page three of this thread.
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