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    That is undoubtedly true. Romney is an example. He paid no taxes from 1996 to 2010 by using a Mormon-church sponsored fund.

    But there are many ways in which the government can fairly raise the rates on high-income people. The effective rates on the rich are lower than they have ever been - likewise corporate rates. That is neither moral, fair or appropriate in any way. The Romney example proves the point.

    There must be a recognition that the country needs to provide the services that are necessary for all of us to live without concerns over things that can imperil us. Additionally, there must be a reduction in unnecessary spending like defense and corporate subsidies of all kinds.

    Regulations on food production, air travel, and pharmaceuticals are good examples. Of course, there is more to consider than just having regulations. Fair enforcement and the need to keep regulators from actually working for the industries they 'supervise', which is what is going on now, is mandatory.

    There is much to be done and it can be complex. But what we have now is criminal, unfair and dangerous for the country. It must be corrected.
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