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Thread: Puke Watch

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    Wisconsin Tea Party Members Claim They're Collecting Petitions For Walker Recall - So

    They Can Destroy Them

    PolitiScoop identifies Wisconsin Tea party members bragging online about collecting signatures on petitions to recall Gov. Scott Walker -- in order to destroy them. One of them even bragged that he would "be able to destroy upwards of 15-20 percent of the entire collected ballots in the state of Wisconsin":

    Madison -- The kick off campaign to recall embattled governor Scott Walker kicks off in just four days and with that date approaching, the tea party has plans of its own. Politiscoop has received several screen shots of tea party and right wing activists planning to pass themselves off as those circulating petitions to recall the governor.

    In one facebook post a user named Charles Atlas Shrugging begins the plan by saying "I'd like to collect signatures of those who want to recall I can have something to feed my shredder.."

    In another such post Matt Wynns who claims to be a small business owner states "I shall be heating my home with recall signature. as they sign, I'll make sure to tell them not to sign another petition. I figure I can get a hundred to a few hundred signatures off the ballot. F*#&* (Word edited) Liberals.

    The list of disgusting posts go on, even after a user reminded each and every one of them that their plans would violate Wisconsin statutes. It makes me wonder if the media will pick up on these plans and make it public knowledge, just as they did with the Scott Walker death threat on facebook. I agree all threats are serious and have no place in the arena, but if I were to compare these posts to the suggestive post about Scott Walker, I would have to say these are more pointed, planned and with the intent of harming Democracy as well as those circulating petitions.

    As you click the links below and read their posts, some even suggest using the castle doctrine as a way to dissuade people taking part in their democracy. In essence, these individuals are breaking the terms of service of Facebook by the use of intimidation and or bullying. Furthermore, these individuals have now publicly planned to commit a felony in the state of Wisconsin.

    Politiscoop contacted the Democratic Party of Wisconsin for a statement in regards to these facebook posts. Graeme Zielinski the party spokesman had this to say.

    Destroying petitions or engaging in the acts you describe are serious felonies. However, these threats are intended to sow confusion. We won't let them win, especially not like this. Petitions will be clearly marked and the circulators will be identified by a lanyard, but if anyone thinks they were tricked, they can come to one of our 30-plus recall offices and sign a petition, which we will make sure is scanned properly and sent to our collection site. But again, the behavior you describe would be highly illegal.

    __________________________________________________ _____

    This is who they are - and what they are! Haters.

    And Pukes. Those are compliments.

    There are other Republican governors that should be recalled due to their trying to unravel the foundations that working people rely on. As for the candidates running for national office...

    After hearing what the Republican candidates say; their ignorance, (Bachmann - China has no social programs, their people are "free". That is what we should have). (paraphrase); their stupidity, their pandering to the basest emotions (torture is good), their efforts to show how "tough' they are, (Iran), their rejection of science, (climate change - evolution) why would anyone respect, let alone, vote for any of these insane people? They should be ridiculed and ignored.

    The party should be criminalized. A third party is what is needed.

    Never happen.

    And this does NOT mean I think Democrats have all the answers. They feed from the same trough. But they are not anywhere near the vicious and stupid positions that pukes take.
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    Confirmed Serial Adulterer Passes Alleged Serial Harasser in GOP RaceListen

    Here in a nutshell is the state of play in the 2012 Republican presidential sweepstakes: alleged serial sexual harasser Herman Cain is being surpassed by confirmed serial adulterer Newt Gingrich. With Mitt Romney stalled and Cain hemorrhaging support from women voters, polls last week from CBS and Marist showed the former House Speaker had surged into a virtual three-way tie at the top. By Monday, new surveys from CNN and PPP showed Newt vaulting past the fading pizza maker. Nevertheless, that development should be a discomforting prospect for a Republican Party which lost the women's vote by 13 points in 2008. As his public statements and personal life show, the thrice-married Gingrich is hardly a champion for American women.

    That starts with Newt Gingrich's belief that marriage is an institution between one man and three women in rapid succession.


    This is one of the Republican candidates. As of today, and that doesn't count for much, he is near the lead.

    By the way, there is more sordid crap about him than this.

    Great, huh?
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    You Won't Believe Herman Cain's Response To A Question About Libya

    2012 Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain sat down with the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel's editorial board today for a series of video interviews — and the results are actually painful to watch.

    Cain appears out of his depth in all of the videos, but never more so than when he is asked whether or not he agrees with President Obama's handling of the conflict in Libya.

    We'd give you the transcript, but you really have to watch it to get the full effect.


    Another cretin from the clown car.

    A lot of words but no substance. It's obvious he's merely disagreeing to make his "opinion" sound meaningful.

    This incompetent joke actually has supporters whose IQs are obviously solidly below their age.
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    Justices Scalia, Thomas Honored at Fundraiser Sponsored by Health Care Reform


    A few hours after the Supreme Court justices met last Thursday, November 10, to consider hearing challenges
    to the national health care overhaul, Justices Antonin Scalia and Clarence Thomas were the honored speakers at a fundraiser for a conservative legal group that was sponsored in part by health care reform opponents involved in the litigation.

    The Supreme Court announced on Monday that it would review three challenges to the Affordable Care Act, the 2010 health care reform law championed by the Obama administration and opposed by conservative groups nationwide. The Supreme Court is expected to rule on the constitutionality of the law - and the controversial individual mandate that requires taxpayers to obtain heath insurance - in June, as the 2012 campaign season is in full swing.



    Let's see.

    Ethical lapses. Check
    Impropriety. Check
    Arrogance. Check
    Indifference to appearances. Check
    Toadyism. Check
    Hunger for attention. Check

    Who are these people?

    Supreme Court CONSERVATIVES.

    What a surprise, huh?
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    We Live In A Police State


    The OWS demonstrations have been peaceful and important for this country's future health. There is ample evidence of rampant abuse of capitalism - and avoidance of the consequences by those that commit the crimes. The support of those perps by entrenched operatives in government paid off by business interests that own the country is blatant. This is what, in part, OWS is about.

    Privatizing the profit and socializing the losses; those that say they hate "socialism" are the first to want bailouts and "subsidies".

    There is evidence that police departments are coordinating their vicious attacks on demonstrators. This shows how our freedom has been lost, especially since 9/11 in the name of "security".

    If you have watched the unprovoked attacks on demonstrators around the country you know that these comments are not hyperbole.

    A Berkeley prof writes asking for the chancellor of the school to resign.

    Repukes working to discredit the demonstrators.
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    Ret. police captain: To be arrested in solidarity ‘was the proudest moment of my life

    Retired Philadelphia police captain Ray Lewis, who was arrested last week alongside others in the Occupy movement, calls the ordeal “the proudest moment of my life.”
    “I saw all of you sleeping out here,” Lewis recalled to a videographer in New York City’s Zuccotti Park. “The cause, you were for justice. It’s not like you guys were putting up with this so you could get jobs on Wall Street. You were doing this for justice. All over the world, in fact. And that inspired me. I had to come down here an join you.”
    “That day, I had no intention of being arrested. None whatsoever. But when I saw a lot of you sitting down and being drug off, I’m saying, they’re losing their freedom for justice, for other people. And that inspired me again to be arrested.”

    Lewis added: “I’m going to tell you a very important thing here. I’ve had a lot of proud moments in my life, a lot of proud moments in my career. But when I had those handcuffs on and was being marched over there with the other protesters in solidarity, that was the proudest moment of my life.”

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    The Virus of GOP Ignorance: Why Don't Media Protect Us From the Lies Spewed in the

    Republican Primary?

    Reporters representing reliable media outlets are supposed to defend the discourse from the virus of this ignorance.

    It is a symbol of our current political predicament that anytime anyone tells the truth about anything in the contest for the Republican nomination, a new scandal erupts. Newt Gingrich was briefly drummed out of the Republican Party for accurately terming Paul Ryan’s destructive Medicare plan a “radical” step toward “right-wing social engineering.” Jon Huntsman caused virtually the only stir of his all-but-invisible campaign when he admitted to what the Salt Lake Tribune straight-facedly called the “politically dicey belief that climate change is human-caused and needs to be addressed.” And most recently, CBS’s John Dickerson caused a contretemps when a stray e-mail revealed that Michele Bachmann was “not going to get many questions” in the debate the network was sponsoring because “she’s nearly off the charts.”


    This essay by Eric Alterman asks one of the most important questions necessary to our understanding of the political process: why don't the media do their job and expose ANY politician's lies and distortions? Why can incompetents utter BS and get away with it? Why can stupidity be rewarded with silence which to many appears to be support or agreement?

    We are awash in crap masquerading as intelligence. And the country is less informed because of it.

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    This will really make you puke. But it is the liberals this time. If you don't feel like puking, maybe you should put a finger down your throat. Talk about crap masquerading as intellegence? I'm am tempted to post your union thug buddies Richard Trupka, Leo Gerard and Bob Chanin video's here speaking to your constituency.
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    These scumbags keep their jobs.

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    GOP Strategist Tells Republicans How to Spin OWS (Say "Economic Freedom" Instead of "


    It may be bad form to harp on the same item three posts in a row, but I can't resist taking a few jabs at Frank Luntz based on his latest talking points for Republicans concerned about Occupy Wall Street and rising inequality. It's important to talk about this because Luntz' latest talking points represent a significant danger not to Democrats and progressives so much as to conservatives themselves.

    The genius of Luntz has always been his ability to use the emotional power of language to bullshit the public at a slant, while maintaining a connection to reality and avoiding direct, outright lying. The "death tax" is a perfect example of this: it's an emotionally gripping negative phrase that paints an incomplete but not entirely inaccurate picture of a tax on the estates of wealthy people after they die. "Estate tax" and "inheritance tax" are the most accurate descriptors, but do little to engage emotionally. "Paris Hilton tax" is a good progressive substitute, as it also has resonating emotional associations, while telling a progressive and positive story of the tax in just three words. It's not the most accurate description perhaps, but neither is death tax.

    There are manipulators eveywhere - of all types. But to me Frank Luntz is one of the worst. He is the one, who for over twenty years, has guided the Republicans to use emotional language that will seduce the gullible and impress the weak-minded. He sends daily messages to conservatives telling them how to frame issues so that the real intent is hidden. If you watch Republican politicians on television, many days you would see and hear them use the exact same words to discuss certain subjects. That is not a coincidence. It is an effort to move the conversation their way. And to manipulate! And it works.

    He has also been shown on film advising his "troops". None of this is a secret.

    The Democrats have nothing remotely comparable. That has both good and bad ramifications.

    Read this article so you know that what you hear and see may not be the truth - just the "truth" they want you to swallow. And support. And not think about because, after all, "it must be true cause everyone is saying it".

    Be aware!
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