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    The Conservatives under Bush screwed you but you seem too blind to understand it.
    Taxes are lower then they have been in many a year. How did you do during the Clinton years?

    Well I am glad to hear you arent the jealous type (though your diatribe seemed to suggest otherwise),
    so maybe you will stop talking about my money which you know ZERO about. Talk about
    people "who have eyes on others" That certainly sounds like you with regard to me.

    Sorry but you just dont see who has screwed you and the middle class for the last 10 years or more.
    There will always be some hypocrites on the right and the left. No surprise there. i get angry about
    those who refuse to pay their fair share. Most are Republican. One just has to witness the Republicans
    refusal to cut ethanol subsidies, subsidies for hedge funders, subsidies for owners of private jets,
    subsidies for oil companies, and tax cuts for those making extremeley high saleries who have made out extremely well of late.

    The comment about seeing "shit" is just way off base. Sorry thats how you see me.

    Have a good 4th of July weekend.
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