I have addressed carried interest thoroughly in another thread.

My anger is not displaced. It is appropropriate. The issues with Buffet or others are not mine. Unlike yourself, I am not interested in taking from Buffet for the greater good of mankind - I tend to my own back yard (and it's looking damn good after cutting the grass today). I am interested in preserving whatever wealth we've created for those that we have brought into the world, and affording ourselves a decent life style. It's that simple. I cannot do that with varied governments picking my pocket well in excess of $35,000. Remember, I live in a 1200 square foot ranch with 2 kids. It is not luxury, nor is it clean at the moment.

As for corporations, you must realize that commerce is the driving force of taxes. Increased commerce increases "our" tax base (and I use "our" extremely loosely"). The flurishing of corporations is essential for commerce. I would agree that the corporate tax code is indeed broken as I have cited in my posts about GE and their tax avoidence - especially considering Immelt is a democrat. The cost of doing business in America is an important variable. It should not be overlooked.