I've found a Sirius Sir3 antenna wired from the top of the console through the engine compartment cable run and attached to the underside of the hood? I've also located a AC adapter run from the console (both satellite signal and unit power cables are located at top of console where tray is located).

Question: Are all Sirius/XM equipment compatible with the Sir3 antenna? Also, the two connectors found: 1 is a gold threaded connector (satellite) and the other a mini-din power connector. Based on this, should I be able to reuse or do i need to buy new? I also have strong reservations on if the found placement of the antenna would work (it was extremely dusty whcih makes me think it was there for a long time.

Also, with the found configuration, how did the previous owner connect to factory head unit? I've been researching and would suspect FM mod using the XM/Sirius unit itself. I'm going to use FM Direct. Any suggestions here?

Thanks for responding!