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Thread: John Stewart Rips John McCain

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    John Stewart Rips John McCain


    Jon Stewart last night lampooned Sen. John McCain's (R-AZ) continued stalwart opposition to repealing Don't Ask, Don't Tell, even after the Pentagon released its review indicating that a repeal of the ban on openly gay men and women would have little to no effect on military readiness.

    "McCain's like one of them Japanese soldiers living on Okinawa in 1949, still fighting because he doesn't realize the war ended a long time ago," Stewart said. "And, for some reason, even though he's been alone for years and years on this island, doesn't like gay people."

    S&L is standing side by side with John McCain. Wow.
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    You're an ass. I express my concerns with gays in the military and you start spouting BS like this without even engaging in a discussion. And yet you continually accuse me of being closed minded. Look in the mirror.

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    No BS posted.
    I posted an article on the Israeli army (i didnt mention the British army etc which does likewise)
    and the fact that they dont discriminate against gays. REMEMBER? Did you respond? NO!
    Stop being so touchy and stand up for your opinions (which in my mind are antiquated)
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    The Israeli Army has nothing to do with the US Army. In fact, they need every individual they can get, but that's not the point.

    As you will recall, my concern was sexual attraction in the ranks. It's nature. All I said is that if I were in the Army, I would be uncomfortable with unwanted sexual attraction, and I think most everybody would be - same sex or not.

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    The Israeli army and the British army etc. are just examples of militaries that have integrated Gays seemlessly. The worries proved to be exaggerated.

    The point is, as Defense Secretary Gates stated, in all countries where there is no discrimination in the military on the basis of sexuality, the system is working just fine.

    The study shows clearly that in the poll of soldiers who knew they were serving with Gay fellow soldiers over 85% had no problem whatsover.

    You have an old way of thinking about sexual attraction in my opinion. Do you feel the same way in your workplace today? You are expressing some outdated ideas. Look at the polls of the
    American people. I think you will find that once we do away with dont ask dont tell things will settle down over time and the issue will be forgotten. This is similar to the days when people argued we couldnt integrate the military with blacks and women because it would be disruptive. It was obviously false.

    This policy will change one way or another (courts). Sorry, but its really time to get past your old prejudices. I wish you had listened to NPR last night when a straight captain (highly decorated) expressed total support for the ending of dont ask, dont tell. He was very elegant.

    20 years from now we will be wondering what all the fuss was about.
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    "Old way" of thinking?

    I guess schools have unisex bathrooms and locker rooms now.

    I'm fine with ending the policy. I just expressed a concern. Actually, I think a gay soldier would "self police" himself. I would, or risk getting my ass kicked.

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