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Thread: Obama Accelerates Statist Agenda

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    Obama Accelerates Statist Agenda

    Obama Accelerates Statist AgendaPosted by Steve Elliott on January 26, 2009 at 12:35pm
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    .If there was ever any doubt that President Obama and the liberals in Congress are pushing a radical socialistic agenda, the last three days settled the debate.

    Consider what has happened just since Friday:

    --Liberals are now openly floating the idea of “nationalizing” our banks. We expect a formal announcement of the nationalization of banks to come AFTER Obama and the Democrats have the trillion dollar stimulus in their back pockets.

    --Obama revoked the Reagan-era policy that prevented our tax dollars from funding abortions overseas… the first step towards implementing his radical abortion agenda.

    --That same day, Obama directly attacked Rush Limbaugh and told Republicans in Congress to stop listening to Rush -- the first wave of attacks on conservative speech from this statist administration.

    --Now Obama is demanding that we all agree to the trillion-dollar stimulus, which is nothing more than a blank check for liberals to expand government power!

    --Democrats are stuffing the stimulus full of pork for liberal social programs, including “hundreds of millions” for birth control and family planning.

    How is birth control an economic stimulus? According to Nancy Pelosi, babies are costly! Here’s the quote:

    “Family planning services reduce cost. They reduce cost.
    The states are in terrible fiscal budget crises now and part of
    what we do for children's health, education and some of
    those elements are to help the states meet their financial
    needs. One of those - one of the initiatives you mentioned,
    the contraception, will reduce costs to the states and to the
    federal government.”

    Meanwhile, the liberal media and even some RINOs (Republicans in Name Only) are saying we shouldn’t oppose Obama’s agenda. Chris Matthews even challenged Rush Limbaugh's patriotism for daring to say he wanted Obama's socialistic agenda to fail.

    Today (Monday), we are opposing the Geithner confimation (vote expected around 6pm). Tomorrow, we pick up the fight against the bogus stimulus package. Thanks for your patriotic resistance!

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    The Vertical View is moving ahead! Soon, rather than focusing on what our enemies in this country our doing, we’re going to focus on what we can all do to fight back. This, of course, will all be very exciting! But before we can go on, we’re going to close the books on 2009 with a series of articles which, after careful research, will summarise the entire agenda for a complete government takeover.

    Every bad form of government in which the government has too much power —Socialism, Fascism, Communism, Totalitarianism— can all be grouped under one fundamental principle: Statism. The Statist is anyone who wants the government to have absolute control over the people it governs. They usually have the goal of creating a Utopia, a heaven on earth. This ideology, however, always leads to hell, not heaven. Others just want as much power as they can get, and so they jump on the bandwagon. Either way, the goal of the Statist plan is total government control. Here, the entire Statist agenda, the agenda they want to use to enslave us all to the government, shall be revealed!

    (Note: This article explains the fundamental steps, rather than each individual manifestation of it. To do that would require a very large book.)

    First, we’ll look at how the Statist ideologically takes over.

    To achieve the goal of complete control and society reform, the government must have total power over the people. In short, the government must be, or at least seem, omnipotent. However, we already answer to someone who is omnipotent: his name is God. God really is all powerful, so he, more than anything else, is in the way of the Statist. The final result of the Statist’s agenda, then, is to knock God out of the picture and take his place. If the Statist can effectively achieve that on a societal level, or at least appear to, then the people will answer to the State the way they used to answer to God.

    How is this achieved? God created us and gave us everything that is truly valuable. God provided us with our fundamental human rights, and in America’s case, a government was then created by the people to protect these rights. God provides the rights, the government protects the rights. For the Statist to replace God, the government must replace God as the provider of rights. If the government provides our fundamental rights, then two things happen: 1.) it can take those rights away or add new ones whenever it wants, and 2.) the people must therefore be subservient to the government, like a child who answers to his parents, as his sole protectors and provider.

    In America, the Statist has an addition obstacle. Here in America, we have a hard document that clearly outlines and orders the government as a protecter of rights, not a provider. This document is the Constitution. The government organized in the Constitution is fundamentally compatable with a God who provides our human rights. Therefore, in order to take God out of the picture, the Statist must attack the Constitution.

    The Statists in the government could never just change the Constitution; there would be public outcry and they would be thrown out of office. They must trick the people into accepting this “change” by eroding their very way of thinking. To do this they introduce a thought process which aims to destroy truth itself: relativism.

    Relativism states that all truths are relative to any given individual. It states that anyone can believe whatever they want, and that is fine. “We should tolerate them,” says the relativist. “It’s all good, as long as its right for them.“ This makes things like religion and morality subject to the individual, a matter of personal preference. Not only does this make ethics impossible and allow for any action to be deemed ok (even murder, like in the case of abortion), but it also has a very immediate and practical effect in the effort to destroy the Constitution. Relativism calls for tolerance. Some people do not believe in God, and therefore we cannot tell them that they are wrong, according to relativism. Therefore, the Statist says that we cannot force the idea on everyone that God is the provider of human rights, since some don’t even believe in God. With this huge “power vacuum,” the government steps in and takes control as the provider of rights. Thus, the Statist has accomplished his goal.

    It is not, however, that easy to get everyone to roll over and simply accept relativism. To be sure, there are a large number of selfish people who will accept relativism just so they can use it as an excuse to do whatever they want. But I do believe that the majority of people still are good-willed and want to do what is right. To get them to simply embrace the destruction of Truth would be impossible, so the Statist must first get them to accept another idea which seems far more palatible: equality.

    From our earliest ages, we are taught that everyone is equal. This idea seems appealing, since, according to the Statist run schools, equality means that everyone is valuable and special, because of our sameness. However, this ideology destroys the individual. When Jefferson mentions equality in the Declaration of Independence, the sentiment he expresses does not actually imply a complete equality between men. He is only refering to our fundamental human nature, saying that we have certain very basic rights in common because of a common link to humanity. What he is really saying is that Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Hapiness are rights which are universal to all men, because we share a fundamental human nature. Beyond this common base, and where this human nature is applied to the particulars of each individual, we are innately unique. This is the prevailing view held by the founding fathers.

    Equality as used today by the Statist refers to complete equality. Men cannot be entirely equal or they will lose their individuality, the uniqueness which is the real reason why everyone is so valuable. If individuality is lost in the man, then it is lost in the mind. Equality of persons translates to equality of ideas and morality. If all ideas and moralities are equal, then none are any better than any others. This is relativism. And so we can see that by getting the people to accept complete equality, the Statist manipulates them into accepting relativism.

    The process is mainly an educational one. It begins as early as a child enters school, be it pre-school or kindergarten, and contiues through highschool and college. It is a process that focuses on attacking the language. From using concepts in stories and textbooks to implementing a careful selection of individual words, the majority of schools (mostly public but also private) indoctrinate children with a sweeping use of equality-relativism talk. They change the language in a fundamental way to emphasize new “values.” This, in turn, affects the way the children think. I would love to delve into all the ways which the Statists try to change our language, but that is a topic unto itself and will come in a later post in this series.

    There is the first prong of the Statist attack, the attack on our intellects, put in reverse order, working backwards from the desired result, so as to make more sense. Put in the order which they would actually implement it, the list reads like this:

    1.Get the majority of citizens to accept equality as the defining characteristic of our humanity.
    2.Use the equality mindset to get those same people to accept relativism.
    3.Use relativism to create a society of false tolerance.
    4.Claim that we cannot accept God as the provider of our rights, because many do not believe in God. (This step, like the others, is done gradually, implicitly, and sneakily. It is not a single declaration) Use this to undermine the Constitution.
    5.Take God’s place as the provider of human rights, and ta-da! The State has complete control.
    Still, this is only the first line of attack. It is the most fundamental, and this insidious train of thought will always remain behind the Statist’s additional plans. It is the battle of the mind. This being said, more is needed, for even this is not enough to conquer the people. Even if this terrible mind set is introduced, many people will remain the way they are out of comfort of the familiar, and many others will reject this mind set altogether. What the Statist must do now is introduce another train of thought that will result in real action. The Statist must cause some huge catalyst that will send a very large number of the people running to the State as their savior.

    And this will all be addressed in Part Two of The Statist Agenda Revealed next week! Keep checking back… you don’t want to miss this one.

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    "hey, you gotta spread the wealth"

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