I bought a new Sportster 5 and the dock and play home kit. I called Sirius, paid my fee and they activated my account. I took the Sportster to my car to test it with the car connecting kit that came with it, plugged it into the car outlet, attached the antenna, and it worked fine.

However I get no reception at all in my home using the Sirius Dock and Play Home kit. I can see the stations on the Sportster when it is docked. But The stereo cables provided with the kit won't plug into my Sangean WR-2 because the Sangean just has a single "aux in" slot, and the cables require that you plug it into two inputs on the home stereo system.

I thought I would not need the cables because the Sirius Sportster would transmit wirelessly with it's built in FM transmitter to any FM radio when I matched the station on the Sirius FM to the same frequency on my FM radio.
This is not the case. I get absolutely no reception. I've called Sirius twice and they had me try different frequencies while they were on the phone. Nothing but static.

I've been trying to find out if there is some kind of adopter that will enable me to connect the two cables to my lone aux in slot on my Sangean, but no luck. So to me this home dockkng kit is worthless and I am without Satellite radio reception in my home, which is the reason I bought this new Sportster.