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Thread: Where do you listen to Sirius XM?

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    Where do you listen to Sirius XM?

    I am curious how the hardcore fans listen to Sirius XM so, I figured we could all quickly post how and where we listen over the course of a week. I will get it started...

    Online = 40 hours per week (5 at home 35 at work)
    Car = 5 hours
    Mobile = 0
    Portable units = 0
    Charles LaRocca
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    15 to 20 hours /week exclusively in my car. Will also listen on iphone when I buy one.

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    Car 15-20 hours a week.

    Side note, bringing in to dealership this week. Other than presets,
    when I try to change station goes to same religious station. I
    think it's in protest to my listening to Howard.

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