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Thread: No Signal issue w/ Toyota Factory HU & Antenna

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    No Signal issue w/ Toyota Factory HU & Antenna

    We've had the factory Sirius package installed on our 2006 4runner for years (50k+ miles) with no issues. Recently it started randomly saying "no signal" while driving - even through open rural areas with clear skys. The signal doesn't come back for the remainder of the drive. It does return, but sometimes only after few other trips / days later.

    Toyota has replaced the antenna kit, but it's still happening. I'm starting to think it's with the head unit - but the Nav, normal radio, CD, etc all work perfect.

    Has anyone had a similar issue with a factory / dealer installed antenna?


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    I dont have any personal experience but it sure sounds like a loose/faulty connection somewhere.

    Did they replace the entire antenna cable? Maybe it is pinched/frayed somewhere.
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