Hi all,

I apologize if this question has been asked before, but I can't seem to find a recent answer on the web, so thought I would ask the Sirius forum.

I purchased a Jeep, and my year's Sirius subscription will be expiring soon. I only listen to the music stations...never listen to Stern or the various sports and talk programs.

Prior to purchasing the Jeep, I bought an XM Inno, along with the Belkin Portable radio. My hope was to be able to use the Inno at work, but unfortunately I get no service. To make matters worse, my company blocks streaming at work, so I was left to record programs at home and play back the following day. I enjoy the portable radio at home as I can bring the radio to the beach or place outside. Just wish the Inno battery life was better!

I have the following questions and would appreciate any bit of feedback/advice.

- Since my vehicle came pre-installed w/ Sirius, and since the merger, can I request XM for the car or does it have to remain Sirius?

- If no to above, does Sirius XM offer the multiple radio discount with Sirius in the car and XM at home?

- Is it worth trying to cancel XM, and switch to a portable Sirius radio to receive the Sirius multiple radio discount?

- I currently pay month to month, via auto bill pay for XM - are there any pros to paying long-term such as quarterly or yearly?

- Lastly, are there any current promos worth checking?

Thanks in advance for any info you can provide.