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Thread: Expect More than 100 hybrid and EV Models by 2015

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    You said the new alternative energy cars are good for your business, but then say its a subject you are not interested in. That doesnt make ANY sense.

    Whatever. Yeah sit on the sidelines and "enjoy the show.

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    Yeah, we sell into hybrid vehicles. Lots of things are good for my business. We're number 1 in pool and spa - should I go right out and get a pool? We're big in water filtration - should I go right out and get a whole house filter or an RO system? You know that I am personally responsible for solar - should I run right out and buy some panels?

    Should I express profound interest in these areas?

    I'm not politically driven like you.

    I wish I could sit on the sidelines, but evidently John grew bored with you

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    I NEVER said you should buy a hybrid or a pool. lol. Do you have auditory problems?
    Thats a joke in case you are not picking it up from the page.

    I said it was odd that you were not interested in a subject that
    could have an impact on your business.

    John didnt get bored. He got GORED!

    If you think anyone who says that hybrids, plug-in hybrids,
    and electric cars "will never be economically or technologically viable"
    has a leg to stand on, by all means come to his defense.
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    Ah, so no defense huh? Awfully quiet S&L
    I never realized JUST how scared of John (the Neanderthal)you are.
    Its beyond bizarre that you say you have NO interest in a subject that involves the future of his business. Something smells fishy here. Lol.
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    I had a strong hunch S&L would remain silent on this. LMFAO

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