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Thread: Millioinaires ASK to be taxed!!!

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    Millioinaires ASK to be taxed!!!

    Check it out lol.

    Small caveat, it appears that most are democrats, and their limit is > $1MM per year.

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    WHAT, no repukes? I'm shocked, overwhelmingly shocked.

    How can this be when they are the most honest, most humble, most concerned with our country's plight? They say that so it must be true. When they are the most concerned with helping all of us achieve everything we need - the protectors of all we hold sacred? They are clearly the most patriotic so they should want what is best.

    What, none of that is true? They are phonies?

    Holy crap! You mean they lied? They are actually devious, vicious, hateful people who would avoid doing anything that would help a group other than their own? Even if it helped the country? Wow.

    What scum!
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    Candidate to replace Steele at RNC has ties to hate group

    You mean scum like this? Holy crap!!!

    It's only been a week since Former Michigan Republican Party chairman Saul Anuzis announced his bid to replace Michael Steele as the Chairman of the Republican National Committee and potentially embarrassing information about him is already coming out -- and please note that in today's GOP, this is only "potentially embarrassing."

    — this week, the Southern Poverty Law Center revealed that Anuzis has defended and endorsed a vocal right-wing extremist named Kyle Bristow, who was the head of the Michigan State University chapter of Young Americans for Freedom (MSU-YAF). “This is exactly the type of young kid we want out there,” Anuzis said on a radio program in May 2007. “I’ve known Kyle for years and I can tell you I have never heard him say a racist or bigoted or sexist thing, ever.”

    ... MSU-YAF staged events like “Catch an Illegal Immigrant Day,” held a “Koran Desecration” competition, jokingly threatened to distribute smallpox-infested blankets to Native American students, and posted “Gays Spread AIDS” fliers across campus. Bristow is on record saying “Homosexuality kills people almost to a degree worse than cigarettes,” adding, “these [pro-gay rights] groups are complicit with murder.” He also invited Holocaust denier Nick Griffin, who is the leader of the whites-only British National Party, to give a speech at the Holocaust Memorial Center in Farmington Hills, MI.

    Thanks to Bristow’s leadership, the SPLC — which tracks extremist groups — designated the MSU-YAF as a hate group in 2006. Bristow appears to have taken the designation very personally. He recently wrote a novel with a plot that “evolves around a series of violent revenge fantasies against Jewish professors, Latino and Native American activists,” and also includes a graphic murder targeting a character only thinly veiled as an SPLC staffer ...

    “Several notable white supremacists and anti-Semites have endorsed the novel.” It should be noted that Anuzis’ defense of Bristow came almost a full year after MSU-YAF’s exploits were made public, and after the SPLC designated him as the leader of a hate group.

    All things considered, Mr. Anuzis seems like the perfect choice to head today's Republican Party.

    Daily Kos

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