I couldn't help but notice that ryan just put up a post on mazda and AMTC, after Tyler put one up a few days ago. He asked a question as to why this is not standard. I replied there, but I'd like to elaborate a little here.

AMTC has been a sirius partner for many years. They are responsible for bringing in business subs, which is a small part of their overall business.



The problem with bringing xm and sirius to businesses has been a company called Muzak. Muzak contracts are first very long term. It's hard for a business to get out of it, so they must wait for the contract to end.

Second. There are high equipment costs with Muzak and royalty fees on top of that.


Slowly but surely, satellite radio is making inroads into this monopoly that is muzak. Sirius also has hired dynamic media, TurnKey Media Solutions and infohold as well. These are newer players that recently partnered with sirius. It seems like Sirius is getting serious about business subs.