I wonder why her follow Dem's are alienating her? Maybe they realize the danger she brings to America.

House Democrats wonder if Nancy Pelosi should lead them
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Update at 4:55 p.m. ET: House Speaker Nancy Pelosi told NPR in an interview to air Friday that the economy cost Democrats the midterm elections -- not her. It's a theme she has repeated in the past week. Republicans, she said, "made me a target because I'm effective, politcally and policy-wise."

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Some restive House Democrats are voicing their displeasure with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and her decision to stay in the party's leadership.

Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi is under fire from some House members.
"The reality is that she is politically toxic," Rep. Mike Quigley of Illinois told the Associated Press.

Rep. Heath Shuler of North Carolina and other members of the fiscally conservative Blue Dog Coalition pop up in several news accounts about Democrats unhappy with Pelosi, who has been tagged a "San Francisco liberal" throughout much of her political career. Half the Blue Dogs who ran for re-election last week were defeated.

But some liberals aren't happy, either. Reps. Peter DeFazio of Oregon and Marcy Kaptur of Ohio are asking leaders to postpone the Democratic leadership elections to after Thanksgiving. The votes are scheduled for Wednesday, Nov. 17.

And then there are junior members of the Democratic caucus, which will number at least 189 in the 112th Congress.

"It's just vital that we need new leadership," Rep. Larry Kissell, a first termer from North Carolina who won a second term last week, told The Wall Street Journal.

Pelosi's allies say she helped Democrats claim the House majority once -- and can do it again. "This is somebody who knows how to do it, who has the energy and stamina and the wherewithal to keep it going," former congressman Marty Russo, a lobbyist and Pelosi friend, told Politico.

For her part, Pelosi is said to be pointing her worrying flock to an op-ed she wrote for USA TODAY. In that piece, she acknowledged the "genuine frustration" of Americans as evidenced by last week's vote. But she also vowed to fight for jobs and protect Social Security -- and to do so with Republicans.

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