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Thread: Question about feedback in my car

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    Question about feedback in my car

    Hello... Can anyone help me out to ged rid of the feedback in my car. I have a stiletto 2 which is hardwired to my trucks dvd system through rca cables. Well when I am listening to my sirius, it sounds like there is a plane taking off in my speakers. You know that sound I am talking about? The feedback is ridiculous. Does anyone know of a way to get rid of this?

    Please help.. this is driving me nuts and it seems to have gotten worse the past couple of days.

    Oh, BTW - for those of you that are considering getting a stiletto 2, dont do it.. Its a POS (aside from the feedback).

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    Sounds like the RCA cables are your issue. If there is a power source near rca cables, the noise can be picked up by the cables. Plug an iPod into the rca cables and see if you hear the same noise, I am willing to bet you do.
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    What happened to Sirius over the weekend!

    All the talk shows, nfl, howard, nascar, repeat themselves or go haywire during the day.....sounds like interference piped in extremely loud....then station repeats itself....if you change stations when this is happening and go back it fixes it......but what a pain in the butt! This has been happening since Thursday and even if you call customer service they can do NOTHING!

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    I hate to say it, but the Stilleto is a piece of garbage. Mine went in a year and half. We were "early adopters" and paid full price on the rollout. It last maybe two years, and we couldn't get it fixed.

    Like I said to your other post, I'd go to an installer and have them diagnose the problem.

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