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Thread: More Insinuations

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    More Insinuations

    It seems like not a day can pass without a conspiracy theory. It has come to my attention that insinuations regarding the Sirius Buzz "Win Big" contest have been made:


    "Sirius must really be hurting for subs to pull this stunt. Here's how this works. There will be several hundred thousand 1st and 2nd place winners (if they get that many entries) everyone gets a new radio courtesy of Sirius and then when they get activated either as a new sub but most likely as a family plan sub Siri gets to show a positive net sub gain for the quarter and gives the impression people actually are paying for the hardware. It's the same thing they're doing for the OEM's but doesn't cost them as much and they don't have to give away a trial unless they give everyone a free gift card with their free radios."


    Sirius has NOTHING to do with this contest. This contest is for Sirius Buzz and is operated in whole by Sirius Buzz. There is ONE first Place, ONE second place, and ONE third place. Prizes are financed and supplied by Sirius Buzz.


    Who is Siriusbuzz? Dobie has been shilling for Mel for years and this is another example. Mel has used that guy for so long for free Dobie finally wised up and started making money for his services. I wonder if Dobie will come out and say how many prizes are available? Hell he probably gets a cut off of every one who subscribes. This whole company is one giant shell game.


    Sirius Buzz is an independent website with no affiliation to Sirius or XM. Sirius Buzz, nor the operators of the site, do not receive any money or hardware or other consideration from Sirius or XM. Hardware items that have been reviewed on Sirius Buzz have been supplied by TSS Radio, Logitech, and Slacker. I have never received any hardware, discounts or finances from Sirius or XM. The prizes available are as stated above. Sirius Buzz nor the operators receive no "cut" from anyone who subscribes.


    BS, I read into things that are there. Why would Dobie all of a sudden start raffling off Sirius radios? Where does he state how many he's giving away? If he's giving away several thousand or more where is he getting them? Retail is dead, the OEM channel is dead and Sirius and XM need subs badly so what better way? If Sirius gave them away people would take the radios and never subscribe but this way most people who go to Dobies site are subscribers already so they will be entering and probably add as a family sub. It's actually not a bad idea but a bit too sneaky for my taste and another reason why I hate this company. Everything is done in a sneaky underhanded way.


    Sirius Buzz has run a few promotions. Most center around the subject of the site....satellite radio. The rules of the contest state the number of prizes....ONE in each category. Several Thousand???? No idea where they came up with this. Sirius has no involvement in this contest. It is designed for the purpose of seeing the site grow. In fact, while it may seem like a low budget contest, it actually eats up a good chunk of cash flow from the site.


    What is September 31st nimrod? Every radio he gives away will be added to Siri's 3rd quarter sub count. There are a hell of a lot more than 3, I guarantee it. So why doesn't everyone keep entering and we'll all see who wins radios before Sept 31. There's a sucker born every minute.


    Actually my partner messed up. There are only 30 days in September. At any rate. It is a date that is picked because it allows the activity of the contest to have a few months to build. Additionally, prizes awarded after September will fall into Q4 not Q3. The couple of in only 2....will be fourth quarter events. Those two radios will make a massive diff. to the subscriber numbers for the year.....LOL. Suckers are typically those who do not understand what they are reading. Three prizes only.


    "The contest will only end on September 30th if the forum has acquired 1k total members or I have deemed that the total number of users is “close enough.” If the total number of users does not reach the 1k mark the contest will be extended to December 30th"

    Trying to get above 1000 users. Awarding prizes in October. If he does not have enough, he will extend it to the end of the year.

    Dave, you are losing it buddy. Better put your aluminum helmet on your head so Sirius can't read your mind with their satellites. They know you are onto them. They will most likely come after you now. You must be silenced!!



    I'm not losing anything. I've been watching all of the ingenious ways Sirius got and counted subs for over the last 5 years and this is just another one. What pisses me off is that pos Doberman always denied shilling when I knew all along he was a paid shill and now he's the worst kind. Did I ever tell you how by brother in law used to sell Sirius radios and he got a bounty for every radio he sold? $25 for a one year subscription, $12.50 for the second year, and $5 for each year after. I wonder if Tyler is getting the same deal? This could be very lucrative for him if he gets a lot of suckers, I mean subscribers.


    Again, Sirius has nothing to do with Sirius Buzz giving away two radios and a $30 subscription card. I think that this type of promotion would not be worth their time. I am not paid in any way shape or form from Sirius, nor have I ever been paid. Sirius Buzz makes humble amounts of money from sponsors such as TSS Radio (no affiliation with Sirius) and google ads, etc. I do not sell subscriptions nor do I receive "bounties". I also pay for my own subscriptions.


    You Siriots are so stupid you deserve to lose your money. If you're wrong and I'm right which I am why is Dobie doing this? To make money! He's not going to make anything off his pumping website when Sirius goes BK so he's going to make some cash before the inevitable BK. Mel gives him the radios to give away and he gets a kickback from each subscriber they get from them. He can't come out and say free radios for everyone because that would expose the dire situation Sirius is in getting subs.


    Dave, You are wrong. In actuality I (Tyler), was not even involved in the decision to run this contest. My partner did that on his own. Again, the money made is not huge. Simple promotion. Simple concept. Simple prizes. Mel, nor Sirius, supplied any of the prizes. No kickbacks.


    I don't have a problem with Dobie or anyone else making money from it it's the underhanded way they're doing it that pisses me off. Let's just say that Sirius said they were giving away free radios with a 12 month subscription, there would be very few takers. Then they said free radios to anyone without a subscription requirement, they would have to give away millions of radios and people would be sending them as gifts and very few would subscribe at a tremendous cost to Sirius. So now we have a Siriot site aimed directly at satrad fans promising to give away radios in a raffle. These are likely people who will subscribe if only as a family plan customer. Sirius gets the sub and Dobie gets the kick back. It's all just too underhanded for my tastes.


    Refer to above

    Once again. Sirius Buzz, my partner, and myself have no affiliation with Sirius or XM. We receive nothing from them, and if by chance we ever do, we will disclose that fact. Sites such as sirius Buzz are not "monster revenue machines". We do this because we like to do it. We do get small amounts of revenue from sponsors and google type ads, but nothing that would make this a career. Insinuations such as this slander the site, as well as those involved. We try to put forth a good product, and often the reward for our efforts makes us wonder whether it is even worth while. For those that do appreciate the site and our efforts, we thank you.
    Tyler Savery
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    Hey Ty...

    Don't mind floridadave...I got the message across and everyone else is on board with it. It's pretty laughable. It's his weakest argument ever, and made a fool of himself...

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    Yes, sadly the idiocy of the Yahoo message board trolls knows no bounds. Can't even escape it here.

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    I actually started this contest before I ever even contacted Tyler to write with me here on SiriusBuzz. We also did another promo where we gave away a gift card to the person who picked the winner and the closest score for the SuperBowl. There was one prize and it was $50 if I remember correctly... far from a Sirius conspiracy.

    I am thinking about starting a petition to take a day away from January and giving it to September... who's with me?
    Charles LaRocca
    SiriusBuzz Founder

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    It is crazy

    I have had people insinuate many times that this site or satellite standard were fiananced or supported by Sirius or XM. Neither site has ever had an affiliation with sirius or XM.

    It has been insinuated that this site, satellite standard, myself, or my partner have received free hardware or service from Sirius and XM. Again, none of this is the case. Some hardware that is reviewed is supplied by either retailers, or manufacturers directly. In some cases, the haware is sent back after the review.

    We do not receive any compensation from either Sirius or XM, and never have.

    It is crazy as well as unfortunate that people come up with these outlandish insinuations.

    Many think that sites such as these are revenue generating machines. They are not. In fact, the financial gain hardly makes up for the effort to opearte a site such as this.

    I also have seen people state that because I am long in both equities that I am pumping the stock. The long position is just that....a long position. I do not speculate buys or sells at this or any level. In fact, most of my SDARS holdings were sold prior to me even begining to publish articles. I enjoyed the run up on Sirius, with most of my sells in the $7's on the way up. I never made a sale in the $9's, and never had a buy above $5 in Siurius. Most of My Sirius I bought at just under or just over $1. Most of my XM was sold in the high $20's and low $30's (writting covered calls) on the way up. Most of my XM was bought at less that $10. I did have a small by with a stop in the low $30's on the news of WCS deal falling through, and was stopped out at $30.

    What I hold in stock today will not change my lifestyle, and the shares held today represent about 10% of profits I made a few years back. I have not made a trade in either equity in about two years or more, nor have I written any covered calls. The bulk of my portfolio is in other equities which I simply do not write about.
    Tyler Savery
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    Seriously, pay no attention to FloridaDave. He is one of the many shorts in the Yahoo Sirius forum. He'll make any argument he can think of, true or not, to drag SIRI through the mud.

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