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Thread: Solar - putting America to work!

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    Solar - putting America to work!

    NOT. Are our tax dollars putting Chinese to work?

    As PV Manufacturing Shifts To Asia, Module Prices Are Dropping
    in News Departments > New & Noteworthy
    by SI Staff on Tuesday 09 November 2010

    Pricing pressure for solar modules will result in a growing share of production taking place in Asia as suppliers seek to drive down PV module manufacturing costs, according to an ongoing analysis from IMS Research.

    Over 70% of module production capacity is projected to be located in Asia in the final quarter of this year, and Asia's share is forecast to continue growing steadily throughout 2011 as manufacturing expansion in the region accelerates.

    Booming demand throughout 2010 has resulted in high shipment growth and limited pricing pressure for the module industry. However, as the over-heating German market begins to show signs of cooling, PV suppliers across the entire supply chain are becoming increasingly focused on reducing their manufacturing costs, according to the report.

    Many suppliers have recently announced ambitious cost reduction plans, all of which have a common theme - an increasing proportion of production taking place in Asia, IMS Research says.

    For instance, REC recently announced that its fully automated Singapore-based wafer, cell and module production lines will be capable of producing modules for 0.97 euros/W by the end of 2011. Evergreen Solar plans to produce modules for $0.90/W by the end of 2012 at its Chinese facility - ambitious plans given that its costs at its U.S. plant were more than twice that in the third quarter of 2010, at $1.88/W, IMS Research says.

    "It is essential that PV costs continue to decline in order for PV to become a more sustainable industry that is less reliant on subsidies, and seemingly inevitable that manufacturing will shift to Asia, much as it has done in almost every other high-volume electronics market," says Sam Wilkinson, a PV research analyst at IMS. "Large Chinese manufacturers are currently leading the industry in crystalline PV module cost reduction, and other Western suppliers are joining them by moving their own production to Asia."

    In transitioning its production to Asia in a bid for low-cost manufacturing, the PV industry is simply following in the footsteps of every mature electronics market, the report says. Regardless, the move appears to be happening remarkably quickly, and IMS Research predicts that before the end of 2011, over three-quarters of global PV module production will take place in Asia.

    SOURCE: IMS Research

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    I have been displaying articles about the Chinese moves to take over the Solar and Wind markets for a couple of years now. The Republicans have ignored the alternative energy industry going back more than 10 years mainly because their political contributions come from oil, coal and the gas industries. They have completely misunderstood the employment possiblities inherent in this huge industry. It might have been invevitable that the Chinese take over most of the solar industry, but at least Obama has been aware that the U.S. could find many jobs in this area and has tried to push it.

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    Ummm, did you read the article? The theme is low cost manufacturing not some diabolical scheme by republicans.

    You know, I used to work with this guy who had a degree in statistics. Every problem thrown his way, he was calculating ave, std deviation. It was his only tool. You kind of remind me of that. At issue is low cost manufacturing, and how our tax dollars may be creating more jobs overseas, and your reply is a tirade on republicans. Get a new tool lol.

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    I might have taken the article and turned it to my pet peeve, but the fact remains its an important fact of history that Republicans have been opposed to supporting the alternative energy field. I wanted to remind you of that point. I will also remind you that you have taken articles of mine in the past and used them as a jumping off point to discuss a different topic. Thats life.

    Just in the way that i think i should point out to you that the possible new
    energy committee chairman has just reminded us of the insanity of Republican points of views on climate change and global warming. He has said that God promised no more catastrophic climate change after Noah therefore we dont have to worry about climate change. Loony tunes.
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    Thanks for the reminder lol.

    Let's thank God that he's only a candidate, and pray that someone has the good sense to take a pass on him.
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