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Thread: Rich People Should be Paying More Taxes

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    Rich People Should be Paying More Taxes

    Sorry for the "spam" S&L. i know you dont like to read those things that
    might contradict your belief system, but you know what--tough shit.

    When Buffett, Gates, Soros and others, and now Home Depot co-founder
    Kenneth Langone say it you know that its becoming more and more clear
    that the wealthy are not paying there fair share.

    Rich People Should Be Paying More Taxes: Langone
    Published: Thursday, 28 Oct 2010 | 11:06 AM ET Text Size

    Wealthy individuals should pay more taxes and not receive Social Security checks, said Home Depot co-founder Kenneth Langone during a CNBC interview.
    “I should pay more taxes,” said Langone, who is currently CEO of investment bank Invemed Associates. “I’ve never gone into a tax shelter. I tell guys that are always worried about their taxes…stop worrying and go out and do something. You’ll make more money doing things than you are saving on your taxes.”
    “I think it’s the price I pay for the benefits this great country has given me,” he added.
    Langone also believes that wealthy individuals shouldn't receive Social Security payments.
    “Why the hell pay me Social Security? This is nuts, this is crazy. What do I do with it? It goes to charity,” said Langone. “My dad needed Social Security. That’s okay. Now I’ve done well, why the hell are you giving me something for?"
    He is willing to pay more taxes, Langone said, but he doesn't want the government to "blow it" and misspend it. "I'd like to believe we're helping dig ourselves out of the ditch. That it's going to go towards that."
    Langone made similar remarks about taxes and social security in an op-ed piece last week in the Wall Street Journal. He also wrote that he wouldn’t be able to open The Home Depot [HD 31.01 0.11 (+0.36%) ] today under President Obama's business platform: “If we tried to start Home Depot today, under the kind of onerous regulatory controls that you have advocated, it's a stone cold certainty that our business would never get off the ground, much less thrive," he wrote.
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