Hello.. I have a Serius Sportster which is four or five years old, two boom boxes which I purchased for this radio, and a "lifetime" subscription to Sirius.

My Sportster stopped working last week, it gets stuck on the logo (dog picture screen) when I turn it on, and gets no signals at all. I've been looking on the internet for somewhere to get this receiveir repaired, but have not had any luck.

The advantages of getting it repaired instead of getting a new Sirius radio would be
1. My Sportster fits into my two boom boxes, which cost about $100.00 each.
I understand the newer Sirius receivers would not fit.

2. If I get it repaired, I wouldn't be using up one of my radio options on the lifetime subscription, which I believe is only good for 3 radios total.

The advantage of getting a new radio would be that I could try out the Sirius Stilleto or some other model which may be superior to what I am currently using. However, I'd be that much closer to the end of my subscription by transferring my account to this new receiver.

Any suggestions?