As I sit in thought, it dawned on me that Goldmans analyst listed among other things, the ipod theory. I've been listening to this argument for the better part of a year or more.

As it turns out, did you know that using an Ipod while driving is illegal is illegal in many states, and even more laws are on the agendas of even more? They are grouped into cell phone laws, hence the term distracted driving.

"Wienkes said that young customers are buying fewer satellite radios and are instead turning to other technologies like the latest iPhone."

Goldman's ace analyst appears to ignore this little gem. I expect that distracted driving laws are going to get tougher in all states. This is a positive for satellite radio. Here is another example:

Come July 1, both hands best be on the steering wheel.

No longer will it be legal to drive a vehicle with one hand while using the other to hold a cell phone for a conversation.
If drivers want to chat on their cell phones, they need to have both of their hands free. Many hands-free devices are now available.

Law enforcement officials say they will take a zero-tolerance approach when the new law takes effect: No warnings. Violators will be issued a citation that carries an $88 fine for first-time offenders. Do it again, and violators will be facing a $190 fine.
“There will be no grace period and no warnings,” California Highway Patrol Officer Jaret Paulson said. “We have been educating the public about this new law for many months. There have been articles in the newspapers. Cell phone companies have also been aggressively advertising the new law and what cell phone equipment is available. If we stop a motorist using a hand-held cell phone, he or she will get a citation.”