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Thread: Sirius Radio, Advice and Suggestions

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    Sirius Radio, Advice and Suggestions

    I just purchased a new Ford and it came with a free six month trial period of Sirius Radio. I'm beginning to get hooked on it and I'm considering subscribing to it. If I do decide to subscribe I do not want to be restricted to just listening to Sirius radio in the car. So, I have been looking at what is available in receivers and I can't decide on what which ones to consider buying.
    What I would like to know is:
    1) What is a good portable radio? I want to be able to take it to the gym, to work and most importantly hook it up to my stereo at home. I have looked at reviews for the Stiletto 2 but it has gotten mixed reviews. I don't care about any MP3 capabilities. All I am looking for is something portable that I can connect to the home stereo.
    2) How much extra does Sirius charge for an extra receiver? I can't find any price on the Sirius web site.
    3) Does anyone know what kind of discount they give for Ford customers that extend the free service? The Sirius web site implies there is a discount but does not give any details.
    Any other advice or suggestions you can provide would be great.

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    1. The stiletto is about as good as it gets and I agree, its not great.
    2. I think that additional subs are somewhere roundabout 7.99 a month (I haven't looked at my bill in a long time).
    3. No idea, I would just call and ask.
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