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Thread: Could be read as more bad news..

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    Could be read as more bad news..

    or another crfceo conspiracy theory....

    I decided to google martin, fcc and korea just to see if there was any news from over there or a mention of his return...and although it may be meaningless, it could also prove to be meaningful. So. I'll put it out there so we all have the same information, and each person can decide for themselves.

    Apparently Martin held an impromptu press conference in korea this week...yet no stories on it are available. They have been censored (I'm talking about the korean story) and although the limited information I have states that Martin met with members of the American media, not a single story has been published.

    Might he have leaked something that has caused the selloff?

    This would have coincided with the exact date of Goldmans downgrade, which may turn out to have been a coincidence also.

    All this creates many questions in my mind. Who did Martin give an interview to? Was any article published and retracted? Censored? Was this information available to a limited number of people who now are betting on merger denial based on inside information? Is this the reason for the selloff?

    And by the way, if you are thinking as I did that it's just a coincidental dead link (for the 1 news story seemingly published) here's the Korean Times. There is no mention...
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