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Thread: Pandora Functionality at its Finest!

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    Pandora Functionality at its Finest!

    I felt like hearing a little "Enter Sandman" today in honor of # 42, the Great Mariano (that was a shot at Schultzy) . . . so I logged-in to my Pandora account, typed in "Enter Sandman" and lo & behold I get "For Whom the Bell Tolls" (How Ironic! Seems to me it tolls for Pandora & Bono's wasted $100mm)

    "Why can't my Pandora station do certain things?

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    Our music licenses forbid hearing a song or artist in a predictable way.

    Here are our primary licensing restrictions:

    We cannot play a specific song or artist right away, or "on demand."

    We cannot play more than four songs credited to a particular artist name in a three-hour period. This is the maximum, so each artist may play even less often than that.

    A Pandora station cannot play a playlist of only certain songs or artists: we must include a mix of similar songs and artists on each Pandora station.

    You cannot rewind, or immediately replay, any song on Pandora.

    You cannot download or cache music from Pandora. Pandora requires an active internet connection. If you'd like to hear the music Pandora plays for you offline, we make it easy to purchase the music you hear.

    A Pandora station cannot provide unlimited song "skips."

    IMPORTANT NOTE: These licensing restrictions apply to all Pandora listeners, including those that have paid for unlimited listening hours or upgraded to Pandora One accounts. They also apply to all devices that support Pandora.

    Our licensing restrictions are unlikely to change in the foreseeable future. Adding any of these features would involve serious compromises affecting our core mission: offering the best free, personalized internet radio service that we possibly can.

    In other words, our music licenses are the very thing that allows Pandora to play a wide variety of music to millions of listeners for free!"
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    I'm still waiting . .

    Song 1: For Whom the Bell Tolls - Metallica
    Song 2: Paranoid - Black Sabbath
    Song 3: Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap - AC/DC
    Song 4: Dream On - Aerosmith
    Song 5: Master of Puppets - Metallica
    Song 6: Enter Sandman Live - Metallica (Woo-Who, Finally!)

    Now as to Tyler Savery's obsession with the Album Art . . yeah, it's cool . . but I got things to do (like breaking Tyler's balls, answering Julietoo's PM's and double-checking David Bank's math) so I don't have time to sit around and stare at the screen like a mental patient . . . plus now I got john riding my ass over some imposter.
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    "Is Pandora free?

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    Registering for Pandora will provide you with a free, advertising-supported Pandora account.
    You are never required to pay anything to use Pandora.

    However, free Pandora accounts will only play 40 hours of music for free per month. Only a small percentage of Pandora listeners ever reach this limit. However, if you do reach the 40-hour limit and the music stops playing on your computer, you have two reasonably-priced options to continue listening.

    You can also choose to pay nothing instead, in which case you will receive another free 40 listening hours on the first day of the next calendar month."

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    "Why are there ads on Pandora?

    Back to the FAQ main page

    Ads help us pay the bills. Free Pandora listener accounts are primarily supported by advertising, including video, audio and visual advertisements.

    Pandora's streaming music service is associated with significant costs, including music royalties we pay on every song we play. Advertising allows us to cover those costs while offering you a lot of great music for free.

    Pandora strives to uphold community standards when selecting advertisements, as well as to offer advertising that is brief and reasonably infrequent.

    IMPORTANT NOTE: Upgrading your Pandora listener account to Pandora One, our paid subscription option, will remove all forms of advertising from Pandora, no matter where you choose to listen.

    NOTE: Although Pandora only offers advertising comparable to that offered in mainstream media sources elsewhere, if you have particular concerns about certain types of imagery or language in our ads, you can enable the explicit-content filter."

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    "Why am I limited to 40 free listening hours per month?

    Back to the FAQ main page

    Limiting free listening hours helps make sure our costs are covered.

    Unlike traditional broadcast radio, Pandora pays music royalties for every single listener, on every song we play, so each additional listening hour adds to our costs. However, on the revenue side, the number of ads a listener will see or hear declines sharply after 40 hours, so it's difficult to cover these additional costs per listener with advertising alone.

    Most Pandora listeners never hit the 40-hour limit. For listeners who want more than 40 hours of Pandora per month, though, we just need to make sure we have the business side of things covered.

    Thanks again for listening to Pandora!"

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    Full disclosure here, I am pulling for the Yankees in this series! There is a nice read on about Sirius XM. This was just released today, there is more on the main page under the PDF Scribd.

    According to Market Folly, Charter Bridge Capital founder Brian Zied -- a former Maverick Capital managing director -- talked up Sirius at the Ira Sohn West investment conference in San Francisco. Zied noted that Sirius comes installed in 60% of new cars, and 46% of those convert to paying customers at the end of their trial periods. Meanwhile, he expects the firm to pay down its debt, and added that media mogul John Malone owns a notable stake.

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