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    "Arts & Crafts Matter but Commerce Matters" Mel K.

    Pandora trouble for Siri . . more to follow:

    Rob Cox talking about SYNC (sounds like a guy who could be asshole-buddies with Tyler; same inane talking points)

    $12 vs FREE

    Siri has suite of content advantage

    eh Feh!

    guy's got nuthin . . big waste of my time

    mentions Pandora is free but you have to listen to commercials . . I can do that now on terrestrial with no streaming charges

    says Siri is safe for now but in 2 years or so they may want to get into this business but right now they don't have the money . . what a frickin ass-clown

    says the stock is expensive at 13X . . . Feh!

    I guess Rob Cox doesn't know that EBITDA is growing at compound rate of 24% per annum

    Siri hits a 52 week high and CNAB puts on the full-court smear!

    First David Fibber
    Then Erin Burnett
    Then back to Fibber

    Title of the segment called "Sirius Trouble"

    tease to commercial was (paraphrasing here) "will free digital music spell trouble for $12/month subscription services like Sirius XM"


    nobody is listening to you Fibber

    and you can broadcast Erin Burnett from Hong Kong, Kuwait, Iraq or Mars . . I don't care what the backdrop . . . she is still an empty-headed boob and Kathy Lee Gifford wannabe

    Pandora exists for one reason and one reason only . . to be SOLD-OFF . . and CASHED-OUT/MONETIZED!

    That is the only way to monetize the platform . . someone with more-money-than-brains buys it out as a FREE ADD-ON SERVICE to another existing PROFITABLE business model as a loss-leader . . . it is NOT a standalone business

    What you are seeing now is THE PANDORA PUMP! Build brand awareness - take it to market - cash it out - retire to private Island.

    This is the biggest PUMP-JOB I have seen since HD RADIO (remember that?). Pandora is attempting to create PRE-SALE VISIBILITY by attaching itself to the most visible name in Radio, Sirius XM and the media shills are falling right in line.

    And I guess Slacker is no threat to Pandora? or any of the other 1,000's of free internet music providers on-line . . ooh-fah.

    P.T. Barnum has nothing on Tim Westergren!

    As Tyler Savery once warned me . . "Think deeper man"

    In case anyone has questions for Rob Cox:

    Send Rob an email and ask him if a "13 Multiple" is the same for a company gowing EBITDA at an annual rate of 6-7% as it is for a company growing EBITDA at an annual rate of 24%

    Send Rob an email an ask him if Slacker poses any threat to Pandora

    Send Rob an email and ask him to explain the value difference between (10) $1 Bills and (1) $10 Bill

    Send Rob an email and ask him to explain the difference between a "registered-user," a verified "Listener" and an SEC documented "subscriber"

    "Arts & Crafts Matter but Commerce Matters" Mel Karmazin, October 1, 2010.
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