Ergen’s newest entree
Dish menu grows

Last Updated: 1:49 AM, August 24, 2011

Posted: 11:20 PM, August 23, 2011

In a filing with the Federal Communications Commission, Ergen asked regulators for permission to transfer satellite licenses and allow him to create a next-generation mobile and terrestrial service, called Long-Term Evolution, that he hopes to bring to market by 2014.

The filing with the FCC helps explain Ergen’s recent acquisition binge, which included buying up wireless spectrum, bankrupt satellite operators and the Blockbuster video chain.

By deploying a nationwide broadband network, Dish is hoping to better compete with cable and telecom companies that offer faster Internet services.

Dish also indicated in the filing indicated that it wants to create a Netflix-style content service that can be accessed via tablet or phone in the future.

“Once the network is deployed, consumers will be able to use their devices for high-speed Internet access as well as a myriad of IP-based, over-the-top applications, including video,” according to the filing.

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