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    Sirius XM Snap

    Sirius XM Snap! Offers Easy Satellite Radio
    Posted on Sep 30, 10 10:47 AM PDT

    The Sirius XM Snap! accessory that was sighted at the FCC recently has gone official, offering you a simple in-car satellite radio receiver that can be easily installed by just plugging it into your vehicle's power port. The good news is that you won't need to twiddle with your existing radio setup much and the device includes a stem that supports the control panel, allowing you to easily change channels and control the device. It's bundled together with a magnetic mount antenna that can be attached to a roof, hood, or trunk, though it's wired. An auxiliary input cable is also included as part of the package to allow it to hook up to the vehicle's aux-in port. The XM Snap! will be available at retail nationwide and online from October 2010 for $59.99.
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