Hey everyone,

I just joined this forum and just bought a Sirius Sportster 5 mainly because the XM Radio that parallels it constantly died and had it replaced many times by XM. After dropping XM subscription and going to Sirius, I bought the Sportster 5. Great radio. I just wish Sirius was more active in selling their products and not phasing them out so much. Anyway, I am searching for a boombox for the radio that has an AUX OUT plug for my FM Transmitter I have for the house. Does anyone have any suggestions for a good boombox that has an AUX OUT option for the Sportster 5? The best I could find was the Sirius Soloist. But it is not available on the Sirius website and the only place I seem to find it is at TSS Radio. Is there anywhere else to try to purchase this besides also ebay?

Your help would be greatly appreciated. Furthermore, does anyone have a Soloist? How is it?

Thanks so much,