Hello everyone, first time poster here. I figured I would share how I mounted my PNP in my 2005 F-150 in case anyone needs any ideas. I also have a cradle for the Stratus 4 mounted in my 2000 Nissan Sentra so I can move it between vehicles but I am waiting on a VSM to complete the install in the Sentra than I will post pictures. Right now it is being held on by that ever irritating vent clip.
Anyhow, in my F-150 it is mounted with a VSM from Bracketron, and audio is routed through an FM direct adapter. Power is provided by an aux. cigarette lighter wired in to the acc. delay fuse in the fuse box using a mini add a circuit. This is what it looks like in its mount, excuse the pic quality (camera phone):

To eliminate wires exiting the truck, and having magnets on my paint I mounted the antenna under the rubber tray above the radio. Their is a nice metal support beam in there for it to stick to. I know its best to have it mounted with a clear view of the sky, but the signal doesnt suffer much and I am happy with the "stealth" appearance of it all.