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Thread: Roubini: Growth to Halt in 2nd Half

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    Roubini: Growth to Halt in 2nd Half

    Well he has been fairly accurate so far. Predicted this recession unlike Laffer.

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    I spent the latter half of my day negotiating a contract. During our initial small talk, this customer is booming - expanding and hiring. Just as is my company is / has. We are two months into the second half, and both those months were decent. I can speak to September performance when I make my way into the office tomorrow. Historically speaking, October and November are good months. The auto manufacturers start making new models.

    I simply don't see it (yet), and I think my business is a good barometer. Back in June 2009 our sales figure shot up and that's exactly when things began to pick up.

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    We will just have to wait and see. From all indications there is a lot of free cash floating around there, but just not getting spent.

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