Ok here is the deal . I joined this forum to get the best info and feedback on how to proceed. I appreciate all of your help in advance. Thanks !

I have a S50 and have had it since day one with no problems until recently. When I power it up it goes through all the motions and brings up my current channel/time/artist etc ...then it plays the second song, same thing all info displayed ...then it freezes..no more info ..songs are still playing forever and every thing is working normally except no info on the screen ..it is frozen in time at song #2...remote does not work...the only way to get current info or to switch a channel is to unplug ...car dock or boombox ...pull the battery out and start all over ...and will work fine for two songs and freeze.

When playing stored music the similar events happen except that after the second song she freezes and that is that ...no changing tunes or going back to live ..unplug remove battery yada yada yada. Start over.

So here is my questions ..

I am going to lose all my stored songs right ? 300 + gone

No sense getting a stilletto 2/10/100 etc cuz I have to change out all my car kits and home kit and boombox ...right ?

I am going to lose all my songs right ?

Should I get a refurbished one or one off auction ?

I am going to lose all my songs right ?

Is there any way to pull my stored tunes off the S50 ...I already tried the Sirius library thing ...no avail

As I said before I joined to get the advice and feedback to make the best decision ..and any and all replies are appreciated . Thank you