Howard ''Pretty Sure'' He's Done At SIRIUS. 09/02/10. 7:15am

Howard said he's ''pretty sure'' they're done there at SIRIUS. He said before they leave he'll let everyone know where they can find them. Howard said he was saying to Tim that they have a third channel and he'd love to start a music channel if he stays. He said he knows a bunch of artists and he could start that. Howard said Daryl Hall has a show called Daryl's house and he'd like to put stuff like that on there. Howard said Pat Monahan did s show at Daryl's house and they did a great show.

Howard said he got a lot of great feedback about the show and how stupid Sirius would be not to re-sign him. Howard said that made him feel good. He read through some of that stuff and people were saying they'd cancel if they don't sign him again. Howard said he really appreciates the fans backing him like that.

Howard said if he does stay there he would like to expand out to a third channel. He said this was just yesterday that he was talking to Tim. He said the Natalie Maines thing will be airing on channel 18.

Howard said he and Tim were talking about some Howard 100 News stuff and some other things they're doing on Howard 101. Tim came in and said he has to look into the Natalie Maines thing. He said they have to get the rights to play the concert on Howard 101. Howard told him to check it out and see what he can do.

Howard said that Tim had never been to his apartment before yesterday. He said he doesn't take a lot of meetings up there. It's only been one or two big ones. He said he wanted to tell everyone about this meeting but he has to take a break. He said he's got some things irritating him and Robin is going to think he's really shallow. He said she must think that already. They went to break a short time later.