I have received some emails from people referencing a constantamend1 poster who insinuates that I am a poster "named" or "from" Bermuda, neither of which is true.

It appears that constamend1 is David Trout of the M&A Researcher or a present/former employee of the publication (given some of the links that I have seen).

I know a few people who have had some interesting conversations with Mr. Trout early on during the course of this merger which caused me to not cite the publication. I have expanded whom I have spoken to regarding the publication and have made the choice to continue not citing them. If readers feel that there is value in that publication, they can buy his reports, or find some for free from various sources. It is my opinion that readers should get as much information as possible from multiple sources.

Whether Mr. Trout (or his employee) disagrees with my position, or simply is frustrated because I do not cite them is unclear, but it appears that they are engaging in trying to discredit this site. Calls to the publication all go unanswered.

I post this as an answer to those that send e-mails regarding the Internet posting activity.