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Thread: Interoperable technologies, patent info.

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    Interoperable technologies, patent info.


    Interoperable Technologies LLC (Deerfield Beach, FL, US)
    Sirius Satellite Radio, Inc. (New York, NY, US)
    XM Satellite Radio, Inc. (Washington, DC, US)

    Abstract:A system and method for automated activation of a radio, or content receiver, used to receive subscription radio services such as XM or Sirius radio. A wireless communications device with a short range data link wirelessly communicates with the content receiver to control the content receiver and receive a unique identification code from the content receiver. The wireless communications device also has its own unique identification code. The wireless communications device transmits an activation request message over a long range wireless communications link to a control station. The activation request message contains the receivers unique identification code and the communications device's own unique identification code. The control station maintains a database of valid identification codes that is used to authenticate the request. If the control station receives a valid request, an activation signal is sent to the receiver to allow operation of the receiver
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    Is this in reference to something?
    Charles LaRocca
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    I guess you want me to expand on my posts a bit? Got it!

    I posted this at a time when the interoperability issue was on the forefront. It is the patent for the radio which sirius and xm have eluded to building....not just designing, as their recent fcc filings indicate...
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