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Thread: Interoperable technologies, patent info.

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    Interoperable technologies, patent info.


    Interoperable Technologies LLC (Deerfield Beach, FL, US)
    Sirius Satellite Radio, Inc. (New York, NY, US)
    XM Satellite Radio, Inc. (Washington, DC, US)

    Abstract:A system and method for automated activation of a radio, or content receiver, used to receive subscription radio services such as XM or Sirius radio. A wireless communications device with a short range data link wirelessly communicates with the content receiver to control the content receiver and receive a unique identification code from the content receiver. The wireless communications device also has its own unique identification code. The wireless communications device transmits an activation request message over a long range wireless communications link to a control station. The activation request message contains the receivers unique identification code and the communications device's own unique identification code. The control station maintains a database of valid identification codes that is used to authenticate the request. If the control station receives a valid request, an activation signal is sent to the receiver to allow operation of the receiver
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