August 13, 2010:

NEW YORK (Market Intellisearch) — SIRI options saw interesting call activity today. A total of 802 put and 4,101 call contracts were traded raising a low Put/Call volume alert. Today’s traded Put/Call ratio is 0.20. There were 5.11 calls traded for each put contract.

The skewed options ratio suggests that traders are rebalancing their portfolios in anticipation of a price shift. Today’s unusual volume activity directly reflects investor outlook and confirms that a stock move is imminent.

SIRIUS XM Radio Inc. closed at $1.01 in the last trading session and opened today at $0.99. The stock price declined $0.01 (-0.74%) to $1.00 in today’s trading session. SIRI is trading between the range of $0.99 – $1.01. Volume is 45,490,180 in relation to the three month average volume of 65,934,100 shares. SIRI is trading below the 50 day moving average and higher than the 200 day moving average. The stock’s 52 week low is $0.51 and 52 week high is $1.25.