Hey Shots,
Don't give up that day job just yet. I don't think any of us are getting much except entertainment from some of these investments of ours.

With that being said....

GO BEHL! oh yeah GO QASP!!!!! LOL

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Hey there JS.
There is certainly alot of BS-ing going on over there. But I think that happens with every forum. I haven't found one yet without it's own flavor of humor.
That being said, I don't post much either. Last time I posted was to tell a another poster to stop being a jerk to new members and before that was to inform someone that the TDAmeritrade application on the iPhone now gives L2 for pinkies and OTCBB.

Anyway, I need to read over there during these tough times. I believe strongly in the company. But when the value of your investment only continues to drop even strong belief can be shaken. In any case, it's a fun hobby I guess.

Cheers everyone.