I just became a member out of complete frustration with the fact that all (4) of my radios are experiencing reception problems. My 2007 Toyota (dealer installed) radio now cuts out when I travel under a pedetrian walkway at 50 MPH. Whatever happened to the buffering that is supposed to handle this. I now find that unless I am in NYC where the repeaters are plentiful, the radio is constanly cutting out. I am also having problems with my home unit where I never had problems in the past. Antenna is mounted in same location (In fact, I replaced with a new one last month, and no difference) it has always been, and in the past 3 months, it cuts out all day long.
Does anyone think this problem is related to the uptick in solar activity (sunspots, and flares)?
As I said, I have 4 subscriptions and am a stockholder, and I couldn't be more down on the company right now...
Anyone have suggestions?