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Back in Alaska tonight, the heat and smog of Cali is not my cup of tea. Decided to close out my positions in SIRI....took at nice hefty profit, was avg at around .12 on most of it, decided to play some other stocks.

Check out LBSR...the potential is huge on this one. The company is in my neck of the woods. It's a gold, copper and uranium junior mining company with very promising claims in Alaska and Arizona. Research The Pebble Mine Project and you'll be impressd with the size of this find. Liberty has claims that are adjacent to this and have JV'ed with Northern Dynasty on a portion of it's claims. Once the politics plays out on this, it will happen. Alaskans have always been in support of resource development as long as it's done responsibly.

Just thought I'd throw out this to contribute something to the board.

Later Guys and Gals!!!!!
Hey AG,

That's why we call it "Smell -A". It's much nicer up north ... Way to go on the old blue dog, ironically, I sold off the last 500 shares Monday as well. It was a nice run with the long term tax to boot.

Will have to follow up on LBSR, it's vaguely familiar ... KATX has been real good to me, drill results are coming anytime, management (Ken Stead) is top notch ...

MMUH, this may be worth throwing a couple bucks at right now if you haven't raided the couch in awhile. I had given it up for dead when someone came in and took it over. It should pop here in the not too distant future is my expectation, new management, new website supposedly ... After sinking about 1,200 bucks in it (another late to the party dealio) I was able to drastically avg. down yesterday for a mere 150 bucks - It's siting at a ripe 0.0003 right now. (My avg. is sightly higher, .0013 I think)