Could it be that another lie about the energy bill has fallen by the wayside?
I couldnt resist taking time out from work to post this. It was just too juicy.

Does anyone know how many pages this bill is? i want to make sure i am prepared for S&L's critique.

CBO Says Climate Bill Would Cut Deficit by $19B
Published: July 7, 2010

WASHINGTON (AP) -- Congressional budget experts say a climate and energy bill now stalled in the Senate would reduce the federal deficit by about $19 billion over the next decade, a key selling point for advocates who are struggling to move the bill through a divided Congress.

The Congressional Budget Office said Wednesday that the bill would increase federal revenues by about $751 billion from 2011 to 2020, mostly though the sale of carbon credits in so-called a cap-and-trade plan applied to utilities and other sectors of the economy. The measure would increase spending by about nearly $732 billion.

The bill is sponsored by Sens. John Kerry, D-Mass., and Joe Lieberman, I-Conn.