Here is a good piece of information i knew nothing about. i definitely know S&L knows nothing about it and will try to refute it even with zero expertise on the subject.

"Another productive measure would be to increase public investment in infrastructur. When road repairs are deferred for just 2 to 3 years, total maintemance expenses can more than double-even if we ignore the cost of accidents and vehicle damage caused by potholes. Spending an extra dollar now to save 2 to 3 dollars three years from now is an investment with an annual rate of return of more than 18%. Making that investment with money borrowed at 3 percent would not only put people to work immediately, but would also help balance government budgets. And after DECADES of infrastructure neglect, there are many other public investment opportunities that promise returns even higher than 18%."

Its obviously so much easier to spout talking points and belittle infrastructure stimulus. Sad statement on politics of today. Ignorance trumps rationality.