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Thread: John Stewart Destroys Fox News "dont blame Bush" excuse

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    John Stewart Destroys Fox News "dont blame Bush" excuse

    This is specially for you S&L.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Havakasha View Post
    Why is this for me? I don't defend Bush. What I have said is why fo YOU keep looking back and blaming him instead of looking forward and promoting an agenda that is good for America. Yeah, I know. You think the current agenda is just fine lol.

    I think you mean this to be for John.

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    I said its for you only cause you give me such a hard time when i bring up Bush's responsibility for some of our problems today. I look back and i look forward. Nothing wrong with doing both. Matter of fact i think its essential.

    No i think we have to do a LOT more in the present to insure the future. I am just happy that someone is finally TRYING to deal with our problems instead of pushing them down the road.

    John is obviously a lost cause. Not much use in showing him anything.

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