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Thread: Sirius thread weeks june 28-july 12 2010

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    You nailed it........except I don't believe SIRI is speculative any more.....if it is you should see my other penny stocks......OMG!!

    Keep talking AIRMAN.....

    I think when you believe that a stock is undervalued by a min of 60-80% that by definition makes it a speculative stock to me. Maybe I am wrong on the valuation, But I think it will get to a more mature valuation in the next year or so. Unfortunately I believe the whole market is going to see pain. That is why my target is only $1.40 for the year. Because of this belief that siri will outperform the market(in the long run) and the fact that It is my speculative money I am willing to risk my gains. And to me the risk is low. But even if worst case happens and ben is right about a 20-30% drop ... I will still walk away with a very large gain(my largest single gain in any stock every in $ amount). A risk I am willing to make as my siri is all profit at this point ... Long ago I took out my initial investment+.

    Some people think when you lose money(or lose gains) on a particular stock you made a bad decision. I do not believe this. It is all bout managing risk in your portfolio as a whole. In the market sometimes you lose money, sometimes you make money, Sometimes you risk for large reward, Sometimes you act conservatively hence reduce upside for cash preservation. It is a very personal decision.
    I will grant you this ... it is very much less speculative now as when I bought on the verge of bankruptcy!

    just a funny sad note: said as siri opens at $1 flat.
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