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Thread: Market Watch for late June and Early July 2010

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    LT, that quote came from motocrossnut over at the bush. It was removed by the admin's pretty quickly, so I thought I'd post it here. It says a lot about the frustration that all of us must be feeling right now.

    This does seem an awful lot like SPNG to me. Not even a good pump and dump like BEHL or BCLE.

    That all being said, I think it is still the real deal. There are too many things like the Mineseeker deal that just don't say scam to me. At this point I've put a lot of cash into this, so......maybe I'm being too optimistic.

    I think the CEO is just too overly optimistic all of the time. Sometimes that can be a really good way to be. And then at other times it can bite you in the butt. I think he's been bitten pretty hard this time.

    I like following you on the shrub. Thanks for your posting there. For me, it's like a playground over there. When I feel like getting pissed off, I just head over there and get myself agitated...

    Have a great holiday!
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