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    Quick Question

    Sorry if this is the wrong place, but...

    I drug my dad's old Xact Visor Sirius receiver out of a box. I thought that maybe it might work, having been in a box collecting dust for so long. So, I hooked it up in my '02 Ford Focus. It worked! I listened to my favorite stations (1 and 32, and Pop2K also), and then got out of my car. Stupidly, I left it on without thinking. When I went back out about 20 minutes later, it was blinking "ACQUIRING SIGNAL". I adjusted the antenna about 10 times, and it still said that. So, I put it in the freezer, thinking that it might have been over its approved operating temperature (baking in my car at 160F in the New Mexico sun). Didn't help after about two hours. Finally, I gave it about a 5-hour breather while I was in at work. Still no signal. What gives? I mean, if it were to be sent the kill signal (unlikely, but possible), it should go to channel 184, right? That's why I think that maybe it's an antenna problem. What do you guys/gals think?

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    Electronics are funny like that... those circuit boards can be super sensitive and often times when they sit for long times they give you one last hurrah before crapping out.

    Specifically in the last year, I plugged in a computer that had been sitting for 2 years and it worked for about a day before the power supply crapped out and the same with with an LCD TV that was sitting around for a few months collecting dust.
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    You may want to try getting a new antenna. I had to, and the installer noted that they go fairly frequently. They usually have an extra one laying around to test prior to you laying out the $$$ on a guess.

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    Thanks. I'll go by the local car audio shop and see if they have a loaner I can test out. Will keep posted. Thanks!

    Hobbs, NM

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