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Thread: Humm, isn't funny how the state effect worse by the oil spill say, DONT STOP DRILLING

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    Humm, isn't funny how the state effect worse by the oil spill say, DONT STOP DRILLING

    Yes that is correct all parties agree (both democrat and republican), say dont stop drilling for oil off their coast. Yes that includes all the parishes (which are controled by democrats) most effected by the spill and BOTH senators (one republican and one democrat). All agree, DONT STOP THE DRILLING OFF THEIR SHORE. Yes most agree the problem is that the safe guards needed to be there and if those failed then reaction times to clean up need to be way faster and that the federal government failed them on both.

    Yes that is correct it was a man (Ken Salazar) Obama appointed to Interior Secretary that appointed the person (lizabeth Birnbaum, director of the Minerals Management Service) that not only let BP go on these safeguards. They did not miss them mind you, they actually saw them and gave them a wavier on them, but then it doesn't stop there they then also gave them a safty award, ALL ON THIS SPECIFIC RIG "DEEPWATER HORIZON".

    Now lets forget that fact and that Obama appointed the people to make sure this spill does not happen in the first place. Lets move onto who did nothing and even stopped the clean up from going forward as fast as it should have. Opps that is the same people, the Obama administration, They stopped the burn off, they stopped the chemical dilutions, they even stopped the sand berms the governor wanted to place to stop the oil from coming so close to the mainland. They not only did not help in this clean up effort, THEY HINDERD IT.
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