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It's been quite the hulabalu over there to be sure. Been laying low for the most part other than trying to draw attention to the Spudnik's nonsense, which keeps getting removed for some odd reason. There was a good post over there today that I couldn't relocate but sums up my theory on what is going on. I think the deal is done, has been for a few days ... The silence is driving some of these guys to distraction but it all makes perfect sense to me.

Just waiting ... After everything that has gone on over the last month, all the updates ... Can't wait for some of these traps to be shut.
Hey LT... uh.. I mean Sharktank...er uh...or whatever they're calling you at the bush these days..LOL

I think you are 100% correct. I think this is our week. QASP is holding at .014 on very, very low volume. I think that says a lot for the strength of the stock and those that hold shares in the company. I waiver back and forth about cutting loose with half of my shares. That would make the other half be free. But, I haven't sold any yet. I've decided to just hold on for another few days. The upside is pretty enormous and I don't want to miss that ride!

One thing that bothers me is that if the funding didn't come through. The stock will tank for another month or so until another funding source can be found.