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Thread: Sirius Weekly Thread May 31-June 14 2010

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    Somebody fill me in

    What is going on around here (and other sites)? I made my money back (and a little extra) a while back and took a break from SIRI. I'm back in and back to check out the forums and find 3 separate websites run by people who used to work together, but now seem to have tremendous animosity towards one another. A writer appears to have undergone a name chage. Some seem to have disappeared. The forums on all sites are weak due to the users being split into three. Oh well. Why did Tyler change his name? Where are Newmann and Charles? Why does Paratrooper Rick and Demian hate Brandon (although it seems most people who work with Brandon end up hating him)? Where are Relmor and Cos1000? Has everyone gone mad??.....

    Edit: I found Relmor, he appears to be an author now one of the competing websites. I must say technical writing doesn't seem to be his forte.
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