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Looks like Mel will be on Fast Money Halftime report @ 12:30 next Thursday 6/10 the day before the Russell inclusion list is released. Always expect something new to be announced on these events, so not getting my hopes up...but, would really be nice with the Russell on Friday...

In any event, it will b e fun to watch the CNBC folks squirm as Mel tells them how well the company is doing and the improving prospects...

Thanks again for the news Boomer. Good Stuff. AT&T got smart, and others will indeed follow. These companies need "reinvestment economics" to get to 5G, 6G...... People think this stuff is for free lol.

SIRI is getting drug with the market today. No problem, perhaps a buying opportunity will come of it.

It'll be an interesting Monday; especially if Hungry goes Hungry.